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7/31/24 3-Cheese Pasta with garlic bread

7/31/24 3-Cheese Pasta with garlic bread


3-Cheese Pasta with garlic bread, garden salad and canned fruit


These prices are per person. 


These meals have been designed for maximum nutrition and flavor with an emphasis on whole grains, fruits/veggies, and complete proteins!! No substitutions may be made for this price

Prices include pickup but NOT dine-in: Make sure that you check the date in the title for the right day for pickup.


These prices are offered exclusively to the 2024 Nauvoo Pageant Family Cast and Crew for the dinner meal; Sales Tax is applied at checkout; a limited number available each night; No substitutions;


* No refunds, although meal orders may be transferred to another family with prior written arrangements sent to from both families.


    This is for Meal Pickup on July 31st 2024 ONLY

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