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Menu Selections for Family Style Meals Prepared for 2024 Pageant Cast

These prices are offered exclusively to the 2024 Nauvoo Pageant Family Cast and Crew for the dinner meal; tax not included; limited number available each night; No substitutions; Place orders at; No refunds, although meal order may be transferred to another family with written arrangements sent to from both families. Prices include pickup but NOT dine-in; These meals are designed to feed 6, however that may go up or down depending on the size of appetites in your family; set of 6 paper plates and utensils included with each meal.


These meals have been designed for maximum nutrition and flavor with whole grains, fruits/veggies and/or complete proteins included in each meal! No substitutions may be made for this price.

2024 Nauvoo Pageant Meals

2024 Nauvoo Pageant Family Cast and Crew
2024 Nauvoo Pageant Family Cast and Crew

Catering Service

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Quick, Quality, Summertime Service in Nauvoo, Illinois.

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